2017 Spring Scholarship Program

The Institute of Technology Development of Canada will offer up to offer up to fifty-one partial scholarships valued at up to $70,000 in scholarships in 2017. Scholarships are available to qualified students who begin classes in the Spring quarter of 2017. Eligible students will receive from $500CAD to $2500CAD in grants.

General Competition Guidelines

The Scholarships

Fifty-one partial tuition scholarships ranging in value from $500 - $2,500 are offered by the Institute of Technology Development of Canada to Spring students who want to pursue any of the Institute Diploma programs.

Eligibility and Conditions

The student must apply to start studies in April 2017 and must meet all the admission requirements of the Institute policies. Applicants for scholarships must be enrolled and registered as a full-time student.

Scholarships will be applied upon completion of the fourth quarter of study. Selection will be based on the essay submission and applicants will be awarded according to the final evaluation of the Scholarships’ committee. The decision of the committee is final and cannot be appealed. Only recipients of the scholarships will be notified.

Scholarships awarded by the Institute of Technology Development of Canada may be used only at the Institute of Technology Development of Canada. In the event the education is terminated either by the student or the Institute, the scholarship become null and void. The scholarship is not redeemable for cash and may not be used to finance optional programs sponsored by the Institute.


All entries must be received by the Institute of Technology Development of Canada by March 25th 2017 for Spring. Winners will be notified by April 3rd 2017.

Entry Preparation

To enter, you must follow ALL general competition guidelines listed below. Please note: a separate application to the Institute of Technology Development of Canada is required for admission to the school. Request information here.

  1. Essay – A written paragraph (250 words) describing your career goals and how the Institute of Technology Development of Canada can help the student achieve those goals.
  2. Entries must be received by March 25th 2017.
    1. Send completed applications to:
    2. Subject: Scholarship Application 2017
  1. All written entry materials and documentation must be submitted in English. When necessary, English translations must be attached

Obligation of Winners

Scholarship winners must complete the program and maintain satisfactory academic progress as per the student handbook. If a scholarship winner does not meet required academic standards, the scholarship will be suspended in quarters when the student’s cumulative grade-point average falls below 70%.


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