6 Great Part-Time Jobs for Students (Other Than Serving)

Need a part-time job? Here are some fun alternatives to the restaurant business. Earn more money and have greater job satisfaction!  Dog Walker Love being around animals? Don't have the space or time required to get a dog? Missing the company of an old family pet? This one is for all the animal lovers...Being a…
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BC Tech Industry Boom: Vancouver’s Virtual Reality Hub

Opened in the Fall of 2017 and located in the heart of historic Gastown, "The Cube" makes it's splash as a one of a kind hub for virtual and augmented reality in Vancouver. The cube brands itself as a community for tech innovators to bounce ideas of one another. Aimed at helping tech start-ups get…
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Professionalism and Cleaning up Your Social Media Accounts

  We all know the story - future employers scrolling through Facebook or Intstagram accounts searching for an unsavory picture or comment...but is this a reality? A recent study from CareerBuilder says it absolutely is, reporting that approximately %70 of employers research candidates online before making hiring decisions. Given this research, it would be a safe  to…
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