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Learning the skills related to your future professional goals is certainly important to succeed in your industry of choice. But your ability to find a job once you’ve mastered the required skill-set doesn’t just depend on personal talent and mastery of the field. Employers are looking for graduates who are able to apply what they have learnt in the classroom to real career experience. This means graduates should be up to date on industry standards, personal branding, commercial “buzz-words”, resume and cover letter compilation, various interview formats, and general workplace conventions.  Since we’re committed to our students long-term success, we think it’s important to help students improve and perfect these skills. The career preparation course prepares our students for the professional world of work. Students not only learn interpersonal skills critical to success in the workplace, but also how to effectively use sites such as Facebook and Linkedin to search for jobs, communicate with prospective employers, and maintain a positive social media presence.
Being successful in your industry of choice doesn't happen in a day. Career development is a constant process of improvement, even for some of the most experienced professionals. Our career preparation course helps our students start to set goals and objectives for after graduation. Step out of your comfort zone, and take risks. Making mistakes and picking yourself up again is an invaluable learning experience.

The students have grown a lot over the course of the career prep class, in terms of their belief in themselves and their abilities. Their resumes and cover letters are looking great…I have a lot of confidence in them because they believe in themselves!

– Jeffrey Palmer, Career Preparation Instructor

We encourage our students have confidence in their unique talents and abilities - finding a job that is the right fit takes time. Believe in yourself and what you have to offer!

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