Professionalism and Cleaning up Your Social Media Accounts


We all know the story - future employers scrolling through Facebook or Intstagram accounts searching for an unsavory picture or comment...but is this a reality? A recent study from CareerBuilder says it absolutely is, reporting that approximately %70 of employers research candidates online before making hiring decisions. Given this research, it would be a safe  to say that your prospective employers are probably snooping on you online and you should definitely be aware!

If you are thinking of applying for a job, be prepared in advance and take a quick look over what you have posted online. Some important things to look for are:

  • inappropriate photos and videos,

  • content related to drinking or drug use

  • negative status' or comments about previous jobs or employers

  • inappropriate usernames or "screen-names"

These are obvious red flags for prospective employers, as online negative online behavior reflects badly on your personal character. One useful thing to do when trying to "clean-up' your online presence is to search your name on google, to search for anything incriminatory just as your employer would. Another useful tip is using a friends Facebook account to see what your profile looks like and reveals to others. Changing privacy and security settings to decide who is able to access personal information and posts is also another good option.

Dont forget! Even if you are hired for the job or are currently employed - keeping your online presence clean and professional is an ongoing process. Keeping up to date and checking accounts often is the best way to make sure your social media presence is appropriate. 

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